Access Courses at NGC

Access courses are ideal for adult returners, if you want to return to education find out how an Access course could fast track you to a new career.

Scottish Wider Access Programme – SWAP

Do you want to go to University?

Operational in the West of Scotland since 1987, SWAP provides successful students with the opportunity to progress to Higher Education on completion of a full-time 36 week programme of study, with the option of part-time study, to suit all applicants.

At North Glasgow College we have sent hundreds of successful students to university, for more than 20 years, producing a number of successful professionals across a whole range of disciplines.

All SWAP access students should be:

- Adult, those returning to education,
- Out of education, typically 5yrs post-16,
- Have few or no qualifications.

All of the Access courses for North Glasgow College are featured in the Faculty of Business, Care, Science and Humanities so please request a booklet.

SWAP programmes offer a wide

Access to Chemistry and Biological Science: Biological Science | Chemistry | Agricultural and Countryside Science | Horticulture | Forensic Science | Marine Biology | Risk Management | Genetics, to name but a few.
CONTACT: Dr. Patricia McGowan

Access to Engineering: Building Services | Construction Management | Engineering | Quantity Surveying | Sustainable Building Design, to name but a few.
CONTACT: Gautam Patra

Access to Humanities: Social Science | Social Work | History | Community Education | Law | Marketing | Human Resources | Business, to name but a few.
CONTACT: Raymond McMahon

Access to Maths and Computing: IT | CAD | IT and Business | Computer Games | Multimedia, to name but a few.
CONTACT: Patrick Wong

Access to Nursing: Adult | Mental Health | Learning Disability | Children’s.
CONTACT: Dr. Patricia McGowan

Access to Health Sciences: A range of nursing and health-related opportunities are available.
CONTACT: Dr. Patricia McGowan

Access To Primary or Secondary Teaching: There are opportunities in Primary and Secondary teaching across each of the Access programmes.
CONTACT: Dr. Patricia McGowan

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